Dogs and Poodles

EIght years was more than long enough to spend as a staffer in Parliament but I do sometimes miss the routine of watching question time with your colleagues and friends on house sitting days. The collective reactions to great lines is always good.

I can just imagine how well Gerry Brownlee’s line went down yesterday. Jim Anderton was being asked about micro-chippings dogs (and how he as No 3 in Cabinet got rolled by Mahuta at No 18). Somehow apples started to be talked about and then Winston Peters tried to ask a question about apples also.

The Speaker (correctly) ruled it out of order over Winston’s objections. In a rare move though Gerry Brownlee took a point or order to support Winston:

I raise a point of order, Madam Chairperson. I think that perhaps it is appropriate for the House to grant leave in this case, since we are on dogs, to get a question from the poodle.


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