Quiet DPF

Oh dear I am starting to lose my voice. This will not be because of my contributions at the ICANN conference sessions itself (even though there have been a few) but because I also have the job of being the host or MC at the ICANN Bar every night.

We have 200 or so people there in a very happy mood (as the bar is sponsored and free) and I have to stand on a stool and interupt them for 10 – 15 minutes a night to thank the sponsor for the bar that evening, and then find a way to give out 30 prizes with quickfire questions. This involves a fair degree of talking loudly, especially as one night the PA system wasn’t working. Hence my fading voice.

People seem to be enjoying the quick-fire quizes as a lot of them have said I should give up my day job to be an MC. Mind you that might just be because they think I am a crap pollster 🙂

Anyway need to start work on 30 more questions for tonight. Always fun to find out trivia such as the dingo fence of Australia being twice as long as the Great Wall of China.

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