Final 10 West Wing Episodes

Okay more juicy leaks about The West Wing. Most will be over the break as it is spoilers. The last ten episodes will screen in the US as follows:

3/12 7-13 The Cold
3/19 7-14 Two Weeks Out
3/26 7-15 Wherever You Are
4/2 7-16 Election Day (1/2)
4/9 7-17 Election Day (2/2)
4/16 7-18 Requiem
4/23 7-19 Transition (rumored title)
4/30 7-20
5/7 7-21
5/14 7-22 Hour long special + Series finale (at the Inauguration)

Now for the spoilers:

Santos wins!

This is expected, despite Leo dying on election day.

The last five episodes will see the return of former characters including Sam Seaborn. Also returning will be Amy Gardner, Ainsley Hayes, Joey Lucas and Danny Concannon. We’ll also see the two Vice-Presidents.

It looks like Sam did not win his seat as he will be returning as a “senior political official”.

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