More caucus splits

Goodness a new story this morning from the NZ Herald. The Caucus is starting to leak like a sieve with details two weeks running of unhappy MPs. Don’t just leak to the Herald – remember you can e-mail me also 🙂

The MPs are unhappy that Parker went and DBP did not. As I said this morning it is entirely because they kept defending the indefensible with DPB that they had to sack Parker. It is a stark lesson to Labour that if they had done the right thing and sacked DBP for lying to Parliament (which he did at least twice and maybe three times) then they might have been in a position to expend political capital on Parker.

This isn’t a comment on the merits of whether or not Parker should remain a Minister (I believe resigning was appropriate) but a comment on the political reality of how Labour had no choice but to have him resign due to the DPB saga.

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