Labour MPs not charged

There has been considerable comment about how MPs on three occasion have been found by the Police to have prima facie broken the law but not charged. In fact there are four.

The three quoted are:

PM for Paintergate
DBP for assault
Labour for breach of electoral act

People overlook that Pete Hodgson was found to have assaulted a protester and was also not charged. So in fact that is four.

UPDATE: Fran O’Sullivan has an excellent column in the NZ Herald on the whole situation of charges not being laid. She also makes the point that Labour have reneged on Shane Jones stepping down as Chair of the Maori Fisheries Commission ($70K on top of being an MP) and he is going to retain the chairmanship for 18 months of his time as an MP. This is the sort of situation which can lead to MPs getting in trouble and if they don’t force Jones to step down earlier than to quote O’Sullivan “this Government’s growing reputation for political sleaze will worsen”.

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