Westboro Baptist Church

Many people will be aware of the activities of the loathsome Westboro Baptist Church which basically consists of Rev Fred Phelps and his extended family. If there is a hell they are all going to spend a long time there.

They turn up to funerals and chant about how God hates fags. Not only funerals of “fags” but also any solider who dies in Iraq. You see they are dying because God is punishing the for allowing homosexuality. Yeah they really are that bonkers.

What has been excellent is the innovative reaction to stop these idiots from making funerals even more upsetting for the families of the deceased. Over 16,000 people have joined the Patriot Guard Riders who turn up to any funeral Phelps will be at and block him and his cult from view and drown them out also.

As the ultimate proof that Phelps is evil, I note that 11 of his 13 children are lawyers!

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