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No Right Turn has blogged about a Radio NZ discussion of the proposed changes to the Immigration Act, and how all the panelists were critical of the proposed changes. The panelists were:

* Aussie Malcolm, a former Immigration Minister
* Peter Cotton, director of RMS Refugee Settlement
* Deborah Manning, Ahmed Zaoui’s lawyer.

Now I could have told you the moment I saw those names that all of them would be against the changes. Why? Because all of them make their living from the “immigration industry”. Malcolm was Minister 22 years ago but has been an immigration consultant since.

As unusual as it is for me to defend the Government on the issue, why couldn’t Radio NZ find even one person who would say the changes are welcome and long overdue? Instead of a debate on the merits of the proposed changes, it was a monolithic view where everyone was against most of the changes.

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