Breakfast TV

I’m on Breakfast TV tomorrow for anyone who is up and watching at 7.10 am.

The issue is the Louise Nicholas case, court suppression orders, blogs and the .

UPDATE: Well that was the first time I’ve worn make-up since …., oh let’s just say a long time 🙂

Met BNZ’s as we were both in the studio for each other’s pieces. was there also. Overall piece seemed to go okay but it was very short in that we could have explored some of the wider issues, and also compared the use of blogs to the leaflets at the railway station.

If anyone for some perverse reason taped the segment, could they let me know. No I’m not that self obsessed I keep tapes of every-time I am on TV. An academic wants to look at it in relation to a tutorial which will be discussing the issue.

UPDATE2: The video is online at TVNZ.
It’s the segment called lawyer calls for action.

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