Labour Dismissal Laws

Roger Kerr has an excellent article on how laws such as those proposed by Wayne Mapp, can help the most disadvantaged job seekers. To quote:

The most disadvantaged Maori (or non-Maori) should be able to say to an employer: “Give me a chance. I realise I have a bad employment record, I’ve been on drugs and in prison, but I’m now determined to get my life back together. I know I can do the job you’re offering and I’ll work hard at it. I don’t even care if you won’t pay me much for a while as my family will support me, and if things don’t work out you’re free to dismiss me, no questions asked. But I’m confident I’ll make the grade and that you’ll be happy to give me a permanent job and good wages down the track.”

But the current law makes it illegal for an employer to give a chance like that to see if they work out. This is why France is introducing such laws – to help provide jobs to the many French youth without jobs.

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