Primary School Friends

At the Wairarapa Senior Net meeting, two of the attendees had primary school links to my family.

Barbara D, is the mother of my closest friend when I was around six – Helen D. Our families were friends so we played together (yes even with dolls!) most weeks and had lots of fun. As we hit teens didn’t see a lot of each other and not been much in touch since.

Found out that Helen got married in London in October 2005 when I was over there, and they had known I was over I would have been invited. I didn’t even know Helen was now living in London as I would have caught up. Would have been really nice to attend the wedding of my old play partner.

The real surprise was another lady, Jennifer, who came up to me and asked if I was Tommy’s (my father) son. I said I was, and she said I sounded a bit like him. Anyway Jennifer and Dad went to primary school together but hadn’t seen each other since 1943! Upon checking with Dad if he remembered her, it turns out she was Dad’s first girl-friend! A very platonic girlfriend as they were aged 10, but what a coincidence. They are now e-mailing each other with updates on the last 60 years!

A very small place – New Zealand.

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