South Park censored

has got away with ridiculing the of Scientology, with grossly offensive episodes against Catholics, in fact with most things. How-ever Comedy Central has deleted/censored from last night’s show a four second harmless (just giving someone a fish and saying Jihad twice) depiction of Muhammed. They did have Jesus and George Bush defecating though. Yes this is the double standard we enjoy.

Comedy Central justify their outrageous decision on the grounds of “recent world events”. What w**kers. Their message is if you burn down some embassies we will censor our TV shows, but if you just peacefully protest we will not.

The is the entire episode was about why it is bad to censor. I’ll blog a summary as there were some very strong messages there.

This is sadly the world we live in today. When extreme adherents of one religions have terrorised most of the world’s into imposing their religious beliefs onto the rest of us.

UPDATE: Someone has leaked out the uncensored version. A screen shot is below and you can click here for the nine second video clip. Now remind yourself that this nine seconds is what was deemed unsafe to air.

UPDATE2: The uncensored version is probably a fake.


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