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I think it is always a sign of the strength of your research, when those who don’t like it attack the messenger, not the message.

Dr Cullen was so alarmed by the CIS report into taxation, that he made an attack on it the first patsy question on the order paper where he could shock horror reveal that the author used to work for Bill English and they even had a business card to prove it.

All major parties in Australia take the CIS quite seriously. This article in The Australian.

Quite often they are also critical of the Coalition Government – especially their failure to do proper tax reform (which is different to just lowering tax rates).

Very interesting also to note in that article, that Australian Labor are now talking about giving vouchers and tax rebates to parents who send their children to private schools. Also worth noting the author of the article is a former Labor adviser for Kim Beazley and former speechwriter for Mark Latham.

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