Climate Change Scepticism

Good to see a Climate Science Coalition has been founded, to refute some of the global warming claims.

Some of those involved include:

* Dr Vincent Gray, an expert reviewer for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
* Dr Gerrit J. van der Lingen, geologist/paleoclimatologist, climate change consultant, former director GRAINZ (Geoscience Research and Investigations New Zealand).
* Prof. August H. (“Augie”) Auer, of Auckland, past professor of atmospheric , University of Wyoming; previously chief meteorologist, Meteorological Service (MetService) of New Zealand.

I actually accept that global warming is happening, and that human endeavours are contributing somewhat to it. However the extent of both of these is highly debatable and there tends to be a monolithic view out there, so it is great to be getting contestable advice.

One learns a lot about the Green Party thinking when they take they view, yes we may be wrong, but “what would we have lost by trying to prepare to reduce our greenhouse emissions“?

Well a few hundred thousands jobs and billions of dollars of wealth. for a starter.

reinforces my suspicion that many activists are just anti growth, trade etc for ideological reasons. And they seize on climate change as a way to enforce their belief systems on us. I’m not a skeptic when it comes to global warming being an issue, but I am very skeptical about the motivations of those raise it to a hysterical level.

I also find it ironic that in regard to climate change the Greens claims “the science around global warming has already stood up to rigorous scrutiny” yet when it comes to genetic engineering the Greens refuse to accept any amount of scientific testing and constantly get their facts wrong (as they got clobbered by the Royal Commission for doing).

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