Swedish Muslims Demands

A blog has a translation of the “demands and wishes from the Muslim minority in Sweden.”. They include:

* corrections of the Swedish family law to adapt it to Islam
* the right to take a vacation on some of the two major religious holidays
* to be allowed a few hours time off in the middle of the day on Friday to participate in the Friday prayers
* A mosque in every city or county
* building of mosques to be exempt from normal consent requirements
* construction of mosques to be financed by interest free loans
* To integrate Islam into Swedish schools
* Muslim children to have the possibility of being educated in homogenous groups using their own native language and their own religion
* Imams and native language teachers should have status as ordinary teachers
* segregated swimming classes
* Every county ought to have one night a week that should be a womans evening, and respectively a mans evening, in the gym and the swimming hall. *

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