Field Inquiry

The Philip Field Inquiry is becoming a farce. Not only has a nine day inquiry become a seven month+ inquiry, but now the PM won’t even reveal the cost.

Formal Commissions of Inquiries (which this should have been) have a set budget and time-frame and if they wish to exceed either of these they have to report on the reasons why.

It is quite simply unacceptable to have PM declare there is no time limit and no costs will be reported.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to work out that one or more of they key parties involved is refusing to co-operate. It is hard to think of what else could be delaying it so much. The two allegations are not that complex and only involve a dozen people to talk to.

The Opposition should not be the ones having to ask the questions on this. Every week the PM should be asked at her weekly press conference for a time-frame and costs.

It is not at all inappropriate to have the QC doing the Inquiry make a statement on what has caused the delays. In fact it is necessary for there to be faith in the process.

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