How weak!

I heard commentators on Newstalk ZB laughing about Winston’s latest e-mail revelation, basically saying that it was very very lame.

The e-mail purports to reveal that Don Brash said having an American strategist involved with the campaign would be a good idea. Wow wee. That’s almost as exciting as oh flying on a US airline.

It is sadly ironic that Peters resorts to playing on anti-americanism when he has vowed to improve the relationship with the US.

But let us turn to the substance of the issue – that somehow there is something bad or wrong to have overseas involvement in an election campaign. Bullshit.

Politics is global, and it is the most natural thing in the world that parties use expertise both domestically and internationally. Both National and Labour have had overseas advisors from time to time.

I’ve been active in the International Democratic Union for six years or so and 90% of the activities at their meetings is discussing campaigning, gaining contacts, ideas etc. That’s one of the reason I attend a lot of them (foreign women being the other of course 🙂

I’ve even lent a hand in the recent Canadian elections and have helped advise some UK lobby groups etc. I’ll probably help out on an Australian campaign at some stage if there is one at a convenient time, and have a number of invites to work on various US campaigns.

So there is nothing more routine and normal than having some international experience on your campaign team. Peters and Mallard’s attempts to paint this as something sinister is laughable and pathetic.

Incidentally I did enjoy in Canada, when people asked me where I was from and why I was there, replying “I’m from DC – Cheney sent me up” to observe the look of fear on their faces 🙂

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