It’s all in your imagination

First we had the PM attacking DHBs for dumping thousands of patients off waiting lists. Not for dumping them, but for doing it in a way which got publicity.

Now we have Health Minister Pete Hodgson attacking, well everyone who points out problems in the health system. Pete says it is all a myth.

The media, and that naughty Tony Ryall, are all to blame says Pete. If they would just not mention the problems, then the public won’t know about them, and everyone will feel happier about the health system.

Unfortunately for Pete, it is not just the media and Tony Ryall (can there be a better compliment to one’s effectiveness as an Opposition MP when the Minister blames you), but as the Dom Post reports the head of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons New Zealand board has rejected Hodgson’s claims that the “crisis” has been manufactured.

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