Maia defends Infanticide

Maia defends Infanticide, saying:

But if a woman feels like she has no other choice but to wrap her baby up in a rubbish bag, I’m still on her side and will not judge her. I think the mother is more important than a new-born baby.

I’m staggered by such a view. Because this is not talking about the life of the mother (she has sucessfully given birth) vs the life of the child. Maia is saying it is more important that a mother can decide not to be a mother, than the life of the child.

I wonder whether she even has time limits for up until what age one can kill your baby? One week, one month, one year?

At the end of the day it all seems to be part of a world-view where no woman can ever be judged to do anything wrong, because she is oppressed. Every allegation of rape must be taken as correct, every bad thing done by a woman is not the fault of the woman, but of society. Obviously a world-view which is not my own.

If people comment on this issue, I would ask them to be restrained with their language.

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