The Everest Debate

Up until now I had not blogged on the Everest debate, partly because my view was somewhere between the two camps of “There was nothing one could do” and “Inglis should have tried anyway”.

However the SST editorial on the issue, pretty much reflects my own views.

It is wrong to single out Inglis; he could not have saved Sharp by himself. But it is also wrong to exempt him from blame. Inglis, and the 39 other mountaineers who did not stop to help the British climber, made the wrong decision.

And later:

Inglis, to his credit, sensed there was a problem. He stopped, radioed for advice, and seems to have worried about whether he was doing the right thing. A sherpa offered aid. But who knows what could have been done if all those passing mountaineers had shown solidarity with David Sharp?

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