Proof of Identity

Cactus Kate, to disprove the rumour that her and Insolent Prick are aliases for me, has posted 20 proofs why we are not the same person. Some of the more amusing are:

19. Prick hangs out in seedy karaoke bars. David and I do not.
17. Prick and I are highly knowledgeable about Cricket. David is not.
14. Prick and David prefer far younger women. I prefer older men.
13. David hangs out with Russell Brown. Prick hates Russell and I do not.
12. Prick and David are National Party supporters. I am not.
11. Prick and I frequently use invective on our blogs. David generally does not.
10. David is a computer geek. Prick and I are not.
7. Prick and I have extremely dirty minds. David’s is only dirty.
6. I sleep with men. Prick and David do not.
5. David has appeared on television. Prick and I have not.
3. Prick and I are universally loathed by the left. David is not.
2. Prick and I would start a bar fight. David would not.

Kate actually has one or two things wrong about me. I am an avid cricket fan and have been known to do karaoke when the alcohol level is high enough to convince me it is a good idea. Also I could suggest that the difference is (7) is more that I just don’t blog about it as much 🙂

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