Receiving stolen documents

United Future MP Gordon Copeland is suggesting that the Telecom employee who received and photocopied the telco cabinet paper should be investigated by the Police.

This has got me thinking. You see there is an MP in Parliament who boasts every week that he is in possession of stolen e-mails from Don Brash. And let us have no mistake – they were stolen. It was the equivalent of having someone break into a filing cabinet (think Nixon in 1972) and take copies of confidential letters.

So why has National not called the Police to recover the stolen e-mails?

Please note I am not suggesting the MP who currently has the stolen e-mails had any part at all in their theft – I am sure he didn’t. He is like the Telecom employee – they were just handed to him or sent anonymously in the mail. But why are there not questions in the media about the ethics of continuing to possess and use stolen documents?

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