Keynote address from Theresa Gattung

Well I thought she gave a good, very smart address. Some key lines which stuck with me:

* We argued against unbundling, everyone knows that, but it is now the reality and we accept there is broad public support for it. We want to move forward

* We are not going to turn back time, we are not going to be obstructive, we are not going to mount any rearguard actions, we are not going to fight old regulatory battles and we are not going to hide behind legalistic arguments

* Are working towards a *more* independent wholesale service. Some will be sceptical, but this is not mere window dressing

* Is upset that one reason given for new rules was Telecom’s allegedly obstructive approach to UBS as team worked really hard to deliver

* Future is telcos providing IT, entertainment and information services, fixed and mobile convergence, more mobile broadband, more use of WiMax for last mile connectivity

* In summary are committed to this new direction, will play by the new rules, will be open and will be true to our word – the start of our new way of life

As I said overall a very good and smart speech. Yes of course I have skepticism, but the speech provides a benchmark to hold Telecom against in future. It hit the right tone.

The part that concerns me is where Telecom senior mgmt can’t honestly see where they went wrong with UBS. The commercial rollout had numerous problems and the request for a regulated service was met by Telecom FUD and finally even trying to injunct the Commerce Commission. This was the tipping point for many.

Also I do wonder how one translates the desire for openness with the refusal to give out information on contention ratios at various exchanges. Perhaps someone should now request these again and point to their CEO’s speech.

It is going to be an interesting next 12 months.

UPDATE: And just after I blog this, it comes out Telecom have been getting website hosts to take down the very funny spoof of their latest advert. Idiots – this will only increase readership of it. A copy not yet down is at Morph Blog.

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