One or two of the leftie blogs out there have been whining about how I have somehow become nastier or loonier of late, or just a partisan hack basically.

I find this fairly amusing, as the feedback I get from what I would call non-aligned people is that they enjoy the blog because it isn’t just a rah rah National good Labour evil blog. I mean make no mistake of course I am a National supporter and a critic of the Government, but I do praise the Govt when they do good things.

I just took a look back at the blog over the last week, and I have postings on:

– how business massively supports the Government’s telecommunications package

– how the Current Account Deficit generally isn’t the fault of the Government-

– favourably quoted Cullen’s wit in the House

– defended the Government’s proposed Immigration changes

– defended the Government on their handling of Ali deportation

I’ve even been known to praise Winston from time to time when he does something good!

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