Dancing Over

Well Rodney made the final four, but dropped out just in time for the House resuming this week. He has blogged on how much he enjoyed doing the show.

It’s obvious how well Krystal and Rodney got on. He was so obviously devastated when he dropped her last night, and she was all sort of mothering him and saying not to worry.

I think the Judges decided to make sure Rodney went this week, giving out several 10s to others, and all 1s for his second dance. But I think that was just as well, as if Rodney had stayed in he may have got a backlash for knocking out one of the three other couples.

This has convinced me of one thing – never to enter a reality TV show like Dancing with the Stars. I would not be able to do it with so many people watching.

I could handle a type show, because you just get to be yourself and have lots of fun. Survivor would be far too much of a starvation regime. The show which really would be cool though is The Amazing Race. That would be so cool travelling from country to country solving the clues. I would be very good at that.

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