Ending the ban on support for National

Nandor Tanczos wants the Greens to drop their ban on propping up National-led governments.

Now this would be an incredibly smart thing for them to do, and I don’t mean that from a National viewpoint. The reality is that the chances of National and Greens ever being able to agree on policies is exceedingly remote.

The reason the Greens need to do this though, is because it is the only way Labour will stop crapping on them from a huge height. Helen Clark shafted the Greens after the election, and she did it because she could do it with inpunity. The moment the Greens said that under no conditions would they support a National-led Government, it mean they lost all leverage with Labour.

If the Greens hold out a possibility in future of supporting (or more likely even abstaining on supply and confidence) for a National-led Government, then Labour would have to actually make them a better offer than watching Winston become Foreign Minister.

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