The truck driver and the bikini

The streaker’s bikini sale gets more fascinating. One of her exes claim he paid for the bikini so he wants the money from it.

Even better he also claims he purchased her breasts for her, with a $13,500 breast enlargement operation (they did look unnaturally large – not that this is conclusive as I know a couple of friends who would be naturally larger).

But I have so amny questions:

* Who spends $7,000 a week on a girlfriend?

* How the hell does a truck driver have $84,000 to fritter away – someone alert the IRD!

* Isn’t $84,000 a lot of money to spend on a girl you have been dating for less than three months?

* What did she look like before the $30,000 of plastic surgery?

* Should the Judge set the fine as whatever Ms Lewis gets from the Trade Me auction, plus $100!


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