Political Idiocy

I’m amazed at the political idiocy of the Green and NZ First parties at blocking leave to introduce a bill to allow National to pay broadcasters for the GST portion of their election broadcasting.

By blocking the bill, they have effectively just made a donation of $112,500 to National. And that is a lot of money – around $2,000 per electorate saved. From a purely partisan point of view I’m laughing at how hard they are working to give National more money.

From a public policy point of view, I want the bill introduced and passed so the broadcasters can be legally paid. But if they don’t get paid, the broadcasters are now pissed at NZ First and the Greens, not National who has made its best endeavours to legally pay the money owing.

Oh yeah and still waiting for either NZ First or the Greens to say a single word about Labour’s $445,000 deliberate over-spending. Hypocrites.

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