Owhiro Bay Murder

I got seriously creeped out when I heard that an obviously murdered corpse had been found near Red Rocks in Owhiro Bay, with the hands cut off, and the head partially severed,

All my life I have spent time at Red Rocks. As a kid I would go there often to see seals or just study the rocks. Later on I often did a southern coast tramp over a weekend from Makara to Red Rocks. It was often a good place to show out of towners, and more recently had gone there with Stats Girl to help her dive.

Oh yeah it also served in my younger days as a useful location to drive to at night with a girl, so one would be undisturbed. And even got the car stuck in the gravel there one evening!

So the thought of a murder happening there, especially such a brutal one, is a bit of a freak out. Certainly I’ll never be able to think about Red Rocks again without thinking about the murder – another piece of innocence lost unfortunately.

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