Letter of the Week

This letter from Bill Day to the Dominion Post has to win some sort of competition for best letter:

I’m voting for the other Bill Day

I refer to your article and photo of Wellingtonion of the Year finalist Bill Day.  Regretfully, there are two Bill Days in Wellington.

The finalist Bill Day has devoted a lifetime to giving back to the community in areas such as the Life Flight Trust.  I, on the other hand am more known for the ruthless exploitation of land, labour and capital in pursuit of the profit motive, along with unsavoury recreational pursuits such as organising No Fat Chicks Tours to the Antarctic.

Unfortunately, you used my photo.

You are not the first to make this mistake.  Both of our fathers were also called Bill Day so this is the second generation of confusion.

It all works out okay by me. I get cases of wine delivered at Christmas that were meant for him and he gets chased down the street by irate husbands that were after me.

We should, though, acknowledge the real Bill Day, who has made our city a much better place and who will most certainly be getting my vote.

Owhiro Bay

The Bill Day who wrote the letter is the Seaworks Bill Day who won Entrepreneur of the Year in 2000.

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