Fairbrother spits the dummy

It seems that having Michael Cullen support Stuart Nash’s challenge for the Napier nomination has broken the loyalty of Russell Fairbrother. This is one reason MPs generally do not sign nominations forms for challengers.

Fairbrother refused to ask his patsy question in Parliament yesterday.  Now he is not the first MP to refuse to ask a patsy, but normally the MP will do his defiance act out of sight by telling the Whips he or she won’t do it, and not turning up to the House.

To actually be present in the House, to have it down in your name, and to refuse to ask the question is not something I can recall.

Talking of Napier, Chris Tremain has challenged Michael Cullen to seek the Napier nomination for himself, so that the  public of Napier can get to directly vote on what they think of Cullen’s record on tax.

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