Well done Jeremy

Jeremy Greenbrook-Held goes ways up in my esteem for his statement today:

I’m embarrassed that I’m a member of the same political party as this man, and, for the record, would love to see a full privileges committee inquiry into his conduct as an MP. It is not worth losing Margaret Wilson as speaker to cover this up.

I had been meaning to blog about the total lack of comment on this issue from affiliated bloggers. The challenge is for them to do what Jeremy has done and don’t let their party be tainted by the actions of one rogue MP. Come on Tony, Pam, Stephen, Jordan and Sophia. Tell your MPs to not tolerate what Field has done. You all know if this was a National MP who faced allegations of unpaid labour in exchange for immigration services you’d be calling for them to go to jail.

If Labour MPs stop blocking leave, this can still be referred to the Privileges Committee. Pressure them to do the right thing.

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