British Muslims

UK Channel 4 has published a poll of 1,000 British Muslims. Some key results:

* 48% never attend a mosque, while 10% attend seven or more times a week
* 30% would like to live under sharia law and 54% under British law
* 28% would like to see Britian become an Islamic state
* 78% support punishing the people who published the ‘Danish cartoons’
* 49% think British people who insult Islam should be arrested and prosecuted
* 9% of respondents could be classified as hardcore Islamists, and this does not vary greatly by gender, age or social class
* Only 29% of Muslims believe the Holocaust happened as history teaches it
* 45% of British Muslims believe 9/11 was a conspiracy between Israel and the USA, with only 20% saying it was not a conspiracy
* 22% of British Muslims thought the 7/7 bombings were justified
* 56% say there is no truth at all to the idea Islam treats women as second class citizens
* However 55% say wives should always obey their husbands

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