Clark refusing to pay

Bad enough that her party over-spent their election advertising and broke the Electoral Act, but now Helen Clark is also refusing to abide by the decisions of the Solictor-General and Auditor-General that her pledge card was not a legitimate use of her parliamentary budget.

People should be aware that the Party itself is not obliged to pay back the $446,000. Helen Clark personally is the one who is liable. No doubt if she pays, she would get Labour to reimburse her, but she is personally liable.

The Herald seem unimpressed, and have asked some equally unimpressed beneficiaries who have had to pay back a debt after a benefit was over-paid what they think. They of course don’t accept Helen’s cries of she should be above the law.

I’d also love to see someone try the line with the IRD that they are not going to pay their tax, because the IRD had previously not disallowed their rebates, and it was unfair that they only got audited this year.

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