More Driving


On Wednesday we drove to the Hoover Dam, which was a nice short trip. We were keen to visit the Grand Canyon but that was going to take too long for a day trip.


You can see the high water mark for the dam.

Shane and Erica had a GPS device with them which had maps of the Western US loaded on it. It was a huge help in driving around as it both shows and tells you what roads to take when, estimated time to get there etc. If you miss a turn off there is no need to panic as it just tells you how to remedy. And it can tell you the nearest petrol station or food outlet. This is definitely going onto my list of desired birthday presents.

Anyway Thursday saw us driving back to LA, and it was scorching weather – 107F or 42C. One is just literally driving through a desert. You really would not want to break down. Anyway in the car we were also sweltering and probably drank 5 litres of water in just a couple of hours. We just figured that the car air conditioning couldn’t cope properly with the weather.

It was after we were more than halfway to LA that someone realized that while the air vents were on and blowing, the actual light to indicate the air conditioning itself was not on. Oh yes, we had been blowing hot air onto us for two hours. You can imagine the vigorous argument debate that ensured in trying to cast blame.

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