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The NZ Herald has a good story on the pledge cards. It seems that not only the Auditor-General but also the Solictor-General has stated the pledge cards, and similiar ads, should not have been funded by The Parliamentary Service.

This is going to make it very hard for MPs to defend themselves in the lawsuit which seeks a finding that the expenditure was not legitimate. It is no wonder they have not yet filed a defence. You see the Solictor-General is representing the Attorney-General, and sounds like Crown Law might be in agreement with the plaintiff.

I have been amazed that a lawsuit against the Prime Minister and her colleagues has basically gone uncommented on in the media. Because the PM has refused to comment on the lawsuit, it means the media haven’t mentioned it. Now that the Auditor-General appears to be in agreement with the plaintiffs, this may rectify the situation.

The Dom Post also has an article and quotes Green Party co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons as saying “cross-party talks would be needed to find a solution to the issue”

This sounds like do ourselves a dirty deal, and pass a special law to avoid us having to pay the money back.

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