A helpful repayment schedule

With 81% of the public wanting to pay back their pledge card costs, John Key has helpfully worked out a way for Labour MPs to do this.

On the basis that without the over-spending, Ministers may not have got to keep their higher salaries, Key calculates that $2,000 per banckbench MP and 17% of the difference between Ministerial and MP salaries will see it all repaid. His schedule is:

PM $22,813 x 1
DPM $15,150 x 1
Cabinet Ministers $17,066 x 17
Other Ministers $11,319 x 6
MPs $2,000 x 25

Total $446,000

Key generously doesn’t propose penalty interest for use of the money and even states allowing repayments over twelve months would be fine. And if the total Labour illegal spend turns out to be over $800,000 then repayment could pro-rata up and spread over two years. Very fair.

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