Gary Moore to stand down as Chch Mayor

Christchurch Mayor Gary Moore has announced he will not seek a fourth term as Mayor. It seems the announcement was very emotional and it is not clear how much the decision is of his own free will and how much it is a fear of losing.

Moore from my viewpoint, seems to have been a pretty good Mayor. You want a Mayor with energy and presence which he has. And while he is Labour, he has worked with people from all parties pretty well.

I suspect this will see Tim Barnett stand as Mayor. It has been a real mystery to me why Barnett, whom I regard as one of the most politically astute Labour MPs, has never made Cabinet despite being in his 4th term. I presume it is Helen being overly sensitive to having too many openly gay MPs in Cabinet because how else do you justify Clayton Cosgrove, Judith Tizard, Dover Samuels and Harry Duynhoven as Ministers ahead of Barnett.

So if Tim becomes Mayor, wil this see Tony Milne seek the candidacy for Christchurch Central for any by-election?

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