The EB need a campaign manager

The things that strikes me with the EB’s foray into politics is how damn awful they are at it. Seriously any conspiracy theory that National is pulling their strings dies on the basis that they wouldn’t make such basic mistakes if they had decent competent advice.

The Press notes in its editorial that the EEB have become their own worst enemies. Not quite true as no-one knocks Helen off her perch, but basically correct.

Almost all of the activities – pamphlets, detectives, letters to the editor have caused them more harm than anyone else.

So my advice to the EB (if they were allowed to use the Internet and could read this) is to go and hire a good campaign manager. Hell think what some smart political nous could do with a few million dollars and 3,000+ volunteers. You could hand deliver targetted direct mail, swamp the letters to the editors sections of newspapers, phone canvass hundreds of thousands of households etc etc. I almost could be tempted to apply for the job 🙂

Personally I’ll be quuite happy if they leave politics to God and us sinners again. But if they do insist on staying involved, please go get some help!!

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