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Wow. That is what you call a decisive swing. National has gone from a 2% lead in the party vote to an 11% lead. Also of key interest is that the very important government approval rating has gone from +3% to -11% which is a 14% change.

Greens doubled to 6% which shows good things happen when you agree to pay the money back.

The PM doubts 49% support National. She is partly right that no party tends to get that vote in an election. But these are of decided voters only and what may have happened is a lot of Labour voters gone undecided which would make National go so high as a percentage of the decided vote.

The net disapproval ratng is the one which should worry Labour. That sends a very clear message that voters disapprove of their role in publicising Don Brash’s alleged affair and also the “non-personal” cancerous attack. Oh yeah, plus they also want Labout to pay the money back no doubt!!

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