Well done Paula

A belated public congratulations to my dear friend Paula Tesoriero on her silver medal in the women’s individual pursuit at the Paralympics world cycling championships.

Paula has never been one to make fuss of her disability. In fact many people have worked with Paula for years and not even realised she has an artifical leg. This has sometimes resulted in hilarious scenes such as a secretary asking Paula why she never wears skirts in summer, because “I am sure you would look so goregeous in them”.

As I said Paula has never wanted the disability to define who she is, and has just got on with achieiving academically, and at work etc. It has been a major challenge for her to train for and compete in something as public as the Paralympics because it is such a change from not ever drawing attention to herself.

I shouldn’t be surprised, but am, that Paula has gone from never having competitively raced a couple of years ago to having competed in and won silver at the Paralympics. Her training and determination paid off.

So a big congrats Paula from a very proud mate.

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