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Sharp eyed readers will notice a custom advertisement up on the right hand side, for a Public Affairs Consultant. This is the first paid advertisement for , on top of the Google Ads of course.

I had been meaning to develop some advertising revenue for some time for the blog, and have considered options ranging from a rate card to auctioning off the premier spot every month to the highest bidder. As I discovered when I did a free promotional spot for FitnessNZ, the effectiveness was pretty high compared to traditional media. This advertisement came about when the PR firm approached me proactively on the basis of the blog readership encompassing most of the people who would be interested in applying, so the best medium to advertise in.

The intent of the advertising is not to get rich off the blog. If only. While Inspire Net cover the hosting costs (with my immense gratitude), the amount of foregone revenue I fail to generate because I blog instead of work on business development is well into five figures.

So if you enjoy reading the blog, do from time to time click on the Google Ads if they have something of interest to you, and do check out the kiwiblog specific ads as they occur, if relevant to you.

And if you are interested in advertising on or sponsoring kiwiblog, feel free to contact me – Obviously this does not and will not affect what I say on an issue or about a good or service. So if for example you wish to sponsor me a printer, in exchange I’ll give you a free ad on the right hand side for XXX Printers. But if I find the printer is crap, I’ll say so in a blog post. If I find it is great, I’ll no doubt will mention that also.

I should also say that I will accept advertising from any corporate, political party, lobby group (well excluding National Front type groups) regardless of whether I agree on an issue. So if the Raise the Drinking Age to 20 campaign wanted to advertise here, that would be fine, even though I disagree on raising the age.

Ads will of course always be clearly identified as advertisements.

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