Calm down Pete!

Trying to distract attention away from the growing awareness that probably broke the electoral spending limit by $790,000 last election, Pete Hodgson has put out a hilariously hysterical release attacking National.

Putting aside the normal whining about the GSt error and the Brethren, Genius Pete comes up with three new complaints:

1) National raised almost $2 million in donations in 2005. My God, how dare they. It should be illegal for National to attract more donations than Labour.

2) National spent most of its parliamentary budget on staff instead of advertising. Oh my God – call the Serious Fraud Office immediately. They hired staff. This must be stopped.

3) National spent money on advertising outside the 90 day per-election timeframe. Good God. We can not have a political party using private funds to advertise outside the election period. This notion of free speech must be stopped.

I love it how Pete keeps comparing totally legal, legitimate actions of National with illegal, corrupt actions of Labour. The illegal refers to the taxpayer funding and the corrupt to the over-spending.

One has to ask. Does he know the difference between obeying the law and not obeying the law and he is just trying to confuse the public, or does he really not know the difference?

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