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Not PC links to the NewstalkZB interview with the PM where she lashes out at right wing bloggers.

But she gets very confused as she describes Fran O’Sullivan as a blogger not once but two or three times. So why the confusion? Here’s my theory:

H1: So Heather, am I the most popular in the land today?

H2: Yes you are

H1: And are there any who speak out against me?

H2: All joyfully sing your praises, except a few deviants and malcontents known as bloggers

H1: Bloggers? What is a blogger. Have we agreed to these bloggers?

H2: These bloggers spread their views without approval H1. And they say awful things about you.

H1: Like what?

H2: Like you want to suppress their freedom of speech

H1: That’s ridiculous. Is there anyway I can stop them making such claims?

H2: Wait a second, I have to go bid for that pledge card on the Trade Me auction

H1: (to herself) So my only critics are bloggers. Nasty right wing bloggers. Just wait until my 4th term and they’ll get theirs.

H1: (reading NZ Herald) Outrageous that Fran O’Sullivan is inventing stories about my caucus not loving H2 and myself as much as they used to. Who is this Fran person? She has criticised me, ha, so she must be a blogger.

H2: (returns to room)

H1: How did the auction go?

H2: Oh fuck, I bidded $400 but I think I bid on the wrong auction. I bid on the Darnton v Clark auction.

H1: And who is this Bernard Darnton character who is suing me?

H2: Just another blogger. But don’t worry Dr Cullen’s legislation is going to wipe out his lawsuit

H1 and H2: Cackle Cackle. And he won’t even get costs.

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