Hating Your Opponents

A couple of interesting blog entries from the UK about disliking or even hating your opponents. A Lib Dem says he no longer dislikes Iain Dale, and Iain Dale responds that in the past he has found it far easier to campaign if he actively dislike his opponents, but the older he gets the more difficult he finds it is to do this.

I have to say there are not a lot of MPs from other parties I hate, or even actively dislike. I’ve always liked Marian Hobbs who was the “opponent” in the last campaign. Ditto there are very few in Labour who I personally (as oppossed to politically) have a problem with. I will admit to a very very low opinion of the PM’s ethics, but I counter that with an appreciation of her (arguably former) political skills. And Michael Cullen’s wit can only be admired and appreciated.

In reality there are only two MPs in Parliament (neither Labour) whom I would say I have a pathological dislike of.

I do recall that old saying by Mike Moore than those on the opposite side of the House are your opponents, while those on your own side are your enemies. There is a definite element of truth to that. Some of the most bruising encounters I have had are with internal battles. Luckily not a huge number of them, but very memorable.

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