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The Guardian reports:

Boris Johnson has briefed Cabinet colleagues that the government will “bring forward an ambitious new legislative programme for MPs’ approval”, and that the current parliamentary session will be brought to an end.
He has spoken to the Queen to request an end to the current parliamentary session in the second sitting week in September.
Following the conclusion of the traditional party conference season, the second session of this Parliament will commence with a Queen’s Speech on Monday 14 October.
“A central feature of the legislative programme will be the Government’s number one legislative priority – if a new deal is forthcoming at European Council – to introduce a Withdrawal Agreement Bill and move at pace to secure its passage before 31 October.”

The opponents of are going beserk and calling it undemocratic, and they may even get the numbers to no confidence the Government. But a former Director of Comms to David Cameron has pointed out this is a potential win/win for Boris:

I suspect Number 10 believes it has created a win win scenario with this explosive announcement. Yes – and they get Brexit by October 31st; No – and they get to fight a ‘people versus parliament’ general election.

It is going to be a fascinating two months.

Iain Dale points out the actual impact on Parliament is minor:

No. As Downing Street is pointing out, all this means is that three days of Parliamentary sittings will be lost in the week after the party conferences. Let me just repeat that – three days 8, 9 and 10 of October.

He also points out:

It is not unusual. Up until the last two years, Parliament has been prorogued each year in advance of a Queen’s Speech. This session of Parliament has lasted nearly two and a half years, the longest, so Sky News has just reported, since the English Civil War. So we are long overdue a Queen’s Speech, and quite understandably a new prime minister, and effectively a new government, wants to set out its new legislative agenda. 

So the remoaners are making a fuss about something that is very normal.

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