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As Winston goes off the deep end comparing Don Brash’s comments of to Hitler (“There are many figures in history that have similarly used blood purity as a political argument only to lead their people into an abyss of violence and destruction”), the NZ Herald runs a column by Dr Brash so people can judge for themselves.

Quick go read it before the abyss of violence and destruction reaches you!

There are such evil statements as:

That is not to deny that many New Zealanders choose to identify strongly with the Maori part of their ancestry, and with Maori culture. That is absolutely their right.

Neither is it to deny that the Government of New Zealand, on behalf of all New Zealanders, Maori and non-Maori, has an obligation to specific groups of Maori to compensate them for the injustices done in the past.

Any National Government led by me will accelerate that process, so that historical grievances can be dealt with fairly, fully and finally.

But it is quite wrong to argue that because Maori are over-represented in negative statistics, the Crown, or the Government on behalf of all New Zealanders, has somehow failed to discharge its obligations under the Treaty.

I repeat what I noted at the outset: the important thing for the , and for me personally, is that all New Zealanders, whatever the ethnicity of their ancestors and whenever they or their ancestors arrived in New Zealand, must be equal under the law. And all must receive help from the Government based on their need, and not on their race.

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