Seven down, one to go

are now the sole party refusing to pay back any illegal or unauthorised expenditure, as United Future today announced they will pay back any sum identified by the Auditor-General.

So if we had medals, they would be like this:

Gold Medal – no unauthorised or illegal epxenditure


Silver Medals – have already paid it back

Maori Party

Bronze Medals – have said they will pay it back, once confirmed in the final report

NZ First
United Future

Last Place – still assert they are above the law


UPDATE: United Future are not in fact agreeing to pay back any sum the Auditor-General finds is illegal or unauthorised. In a move of supreme arrogance they have said they will pay back only $4,960 which they agree with, and ignore the other $40,000ish unless explicitly instructed to by the Speaker. The Auditor-General is a neutral official and if he finds money was illegally spent on an unauthorised purpose, then it must be repaid regardless of what the former Labour Party President thinks.

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