Unveiling the Obfuscation

Public Address published a column by “Rex” a few weeks ago where Labour’s spin against the Auditor-General was repeated in the guise of a semi-legal analysis.

I did a partial rebuttal on the 15th of October.

Now a much better rebuttal has been done – on Public Address and by no less than an Emeritus Professor of Law – Jim Evans.

Professor Evans (note unlike Rex he is prepared to put his name and qualifications behind his opinion) does a first class job in ripping Rex’s arguments to pieces, explaining what the Auditor-General did and did not do, and generally rebuffing the hysteria that his report meant one had to validate all expenditure from 1989 onwards.

I can’t recommend strongly enough that people go read his article. I won’t summarise it here as I couldn’t do it justice.

It is worth mentioning one thing again though. If Labour really really thought it had not acted illegally, then it would not have voted for retrospective legislation which killed off the Darnton v Clark lawsuit.

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