US mid-term election results

Use this thread to debate the results as they come in.

Joe Lieberman has kept his seat, which is a rebuff to the hardcore left who outed him in the primary. He will caucus with the Democrats though.

In the Senate Santorum has been defeated in Pennsylvania (good – too much of a zealot for me) and Ohio is almost certainly lost also.

Too soon to say in the House. Exit polls make it look like the Dems should get a doble digit majority, but they have been wrong before!

A third Senate seat has gone to the Dems in Rhode Island. A bit of a pity as it was one of the GOP’s most liberal Senators.

In the House, the Dems have picked up eight seats and need just seven more.

In Florida, the GOP candidate has won teh race for Governor. He must have been nervous though as he refused to turn up and introduce Bush at a rally yesterday!

A Dem majority in the Senate is looking difficult. They need three more pickups.

In Virgina, GOP Allen is ahead of Webb by 30,000 votes (1%) with 95% of precincts in. Likely hold.

Tennesee has GOP Corker ahead by 5% with 71% in. Likely hold.

Montana has only 1% counted so too early.

Missouri has GOP Talent ahead by 8% with 33% in. Might still go.

And the networks are now all saying the Democrats have taken control of the House. Goodbye Speaker Hastert and hello Speaker Pelosi.

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