What a shambles

Just two days after the waterfront stadium was announced as the first preference of the Government and the Mayor, we find out no less than nine City Councillors wrote to Helen Clark, behind the Mayor’s back, to urge Carlaw park as the location, instead of the waterfront.

Ironically is is the left-wing Councillors who normally vote with Hubbard who are working against the waterfront proposal. They include at least one former Labour Party parliamentary candidate, so Trevor obviously needs to do some head bashing internally!

No wonder the IRB is starting to get concerned. I mean who on Earth was this not sorted out before the World Cup bid. As far as the IRB is concerned, the final could be at:

Eden Park
Carlaw Park
North Shore Stadium
Jade Stadium
Waterfront Stadium

The only place it definitely won’t be, it seems, is in Wellington!!

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